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Goa Urban Co Operative Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

The Goa Urban Co-operative Bank is one of the state's oldest and most progressive banks. It offers various advanced banking facilities to its customers apart from providing financial aid. To avail of all these offers, customers must know the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank IFSC code. â€‹

The bank has its headquarters in Panaji, and it was established in 1964. The first branch of the bank was opened at Margao in 1967. The bank has 69 branches spread across the state. 

When we talk about digital marketing, we can't deny the role of the IFSC code, MICR code, and SWIFT code. All these three codes have an extremely important role to play in the seamless functioning of banking services. 

The IFSC code works towards the seamless functioning of online fund transfers. The MICR code helps with faster cheque clearance, and the SWIFT code is for international fund transfers. 

We will discuss the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank IFSC code and MICR code in detail. About its usage, benefits, and where to source them from. Therefore, to get complete information, continue reading this article. 

Goa Urban Co-operative Bank IFSC Code


The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) code is an eleven-character alphanumeric code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India. RBI started the system of IFSC code to ensure bank customers can easily make online fund transfers without the hassle of visiting bank branches. 

The IFSC code has made sending money within or to third-party banks a matter of seconds. The IFSC code is designed in such a way that it immediately identifies the bank and the branch location. 

How does the IFSC code identify a bank branch so easily? It's quite simple. The code has three parts. The first part or first four characters represent the bank name; the central character is zero, which is reserved for future usage. The last six characters represent the branch location. 

The Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Market branch, Panaji IFSC Code is HDFC0CGUB04. Here the first four letters, HDFC, represent the bank name. The fifth character, 0, is for future usage per the RBI format. The final six characters, CGUB04, is for the branch location, Panaji. 

The IFSC code is required during NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS transactions. The system will ask for the IFSC code so it can identify the branch and transfer your money without delay. Unable to provide the IFSC code will lead to a failed transaction. 

Since RBI introduced the system of IFSC code, it has saved bank customers the trouble of visiting bank branches every time they want to make a fund transfer. In the upcoming sections, we will also inform you about where to get the IFSC code from and how to use it during fund transfers. 

Goa Urban Co-Operative Bank MICR Code 

The Magnetic Ink Character Code (MICR) has almost a similar function to the IFSC, which is the identification of the bank branches. But the MICR code does not identify banks participating in online fund transfers; rather, it locates branches participating in the Electronic Cheque Clearing System (ECS). 

The MICR code has three parts as well. Each part has its designated function, which helps with quick cheque clearance. The MICR code is printed using a unique magnetic ink which helps prevent fraudulent transactions. 

Here is how the MICR code works- 

  • The first three characters represent the city name or zip code. 
  • The following three characters represent the bank name 
  • The final three characters represent the branch location. 

The MICR code of the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Panaji branch is 403416004. Here the first three numerics, 403, is for the city. The Following three numbers, 416, are for the bank name. The final three numbers, 004, are for the branch location. 

Let's move on to the following section to see where you can access the MICR and IFSC code of Goa Urban Co-operative Bank. 

How to Find the IFSC and MICR Code of Goa Urban Co-operative Bank?


Knowing the IFSC and MICR code is crucial to avail of services like digital fund transfer and cheque transfers. There are multiple sources that easily give you access to the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank IFSC code and MICR codes. 

Among all these, the Find Your Bank website is an easy and reliable platform. Find Your Bank has records of all banks' IFSC and MICR codes, including the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank. Here is how you can get it on its website- 

  • Visit the https://findyourbank.in/ website
  • Next, select the Bank Name, 
  • State Name, 
  • District Name, 
  • Branch Name
  • After entering these details, you will see the IFSC code and MICR code on the screen. 

You can even download the Find Your Bank mobile app, which has made getting the mentioned codes even easier. Just open the app, search for the bank, and enter the location, and the IFSC code will be on the screen. 

In addition to Find Your Bank, there are other sources from which you can get the IFSC and MICR codes. Below mentioned are all the sources which give you access to the mentioned codes. 

Bank Passbook and Cheque Book 

The bank passbook and cheque book have the IFSC and MICR codes printed. Whenever you need the codes, just look them up in the bank documents. The IFSC code is generally printed at the top and the MICR code at the bottom. 

The Reserve Bank of India Website 

The RBI website is another reliable source where you can find these codes. Visit the RBI website, and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. There you'll find the option for IFSC and MICR codes. 

Click on it, and select the bank and branch name. Once you select these, the IFSC and MICR code will be displayed on the screen. 

Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Net Banking Platforms 

The Goa Urban Co-operative Bank net banking platforms like their website and their mobile app will also give you access to the IFSC and MICR codes of all branches of the bank. 

Contact Bank's Customer Care 

Another easiest way to find these codes is by contacting the bank's customer care. The Goa Urban Co-operative Bank customer care number is 08322224280. You can reach out to them in case you are facing difficulty in getting these codes. 

How to Transfer Money through NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS?


Ever since the digital fund transfer modes like NEFT, RTGS and IMPS came into the digital banking scene, sending money to different corners of the country has become a cakewalk. Now you just have to enter the recipient's details, including the IFSC code of the recipient's bank branch, and the money gets deposited within minutes. 

Each system has different limits and charges. We have stated all related details about NEFT, RTGS, and the IMPS system of Goa Urban Co-operative Bank so that sending money becomes even easier for you. 


NEFT or National Electronic Fund transfer sends money in batches since it's a DNS-based system. The details you require to send money through NEFT are- 

  • Receiver's name
  • Receiver's account number
  • IFSC code
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Branch name 
  • The amount you are going to transfer 

NEFT Charges

Amount Charges
Up to Rs. 10,000 No charges
Rs. 10,000 to 1 lakh Rs. 5 per transaction
Rs. 1 lakh to 2 lakh Rs. 15 per transaction
Above Rs. 2 lakhs Rs. 25 per transaction



Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is yet another popular system of sending money online. RTGS is meant mainly for making high-value fund transfers; hence the minimum limit for the same is Rs.2 lakhs. 

To send money through RTGS, you'll need the below-mentioned customer details- 

  • Receiver's name
  • Receiver's account number
  • IFSC code
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Branch name 
  • The amount you are going to transfer 

RTGS Charges 

Amount Charges
Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs Rs. 25 per transaction
Above Rs. 5 lakhs Rs. 50 per transaction



IMPS or Immediate Payment Service is for making emergency fund transfers. Using this system, you can make an instant fund transfer within the bank or to any third-party bank. IMPS is available 24*7. So with this system sending money in emergencies has become less hassling. 

Here are the details you need to send money via IMPS- 

  • Beneficiary's name 
  • MMID code (for transfer from person-person)
  • The IFSC code of the receiver's branch (for transfer from a person to an account)
  • Receiver's mobile number
  • Receiver's account number 

About Goa Urban Co-operative Bank 


The Goa Urban Co-operative bank was established in 1964 with its headquarters in Panaji. It is one of the fastest-growing cooperative banks in Goa, with a huge customer base. 

It is also one of the oldest cooperative banks in Goa which is known for delivering the best financial services to its customers. Some of the primary services of Goa Urban Co-operative bank includes- personal accounts, current accounts, finance, home loans, personal loans, commercial real-estate loans, project finance, gold loan, car loan, business loans, educational loans, and many more. 

Currently, it has 69 branches across the state of Goa, and all of them deliver top-notch banking services to its customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Government or Private? 

Goa Urban Co-operative Bank is a private bank. In fact, all cooperative banks are private sector banks. 

2) Is God Urban Bank Under RBI? 

Yes, God Urban Co-operative Bank is under the Reserve Bank of India. 

3) How to Check Goa Urban Co-operative Bank Balance? 

You can check the Goa Urban Co-operative Bank balance by registering to their SMS alert system. To receive an SMS regarding the bank balance, you have to register your phone number. 

4) How to Contact Goa Urban Co-operative Bank? 

The Goa Urban Co-operative Bank customer care number is 08322224280. You can call on this number to seek any kind of help from the bank's customer support team. You can also contact them by sending an email at [email protected]