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Gujarat State Co Operative Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

The Gujarat State Cooperative Bank is a Scheduled Bank with headquarters in Ahmedabad. GSC Bank has 33 branches and provides several retail banking services to its consumers. You will require the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank IFSC Code to access the different online banking services.

The word 'IFSC' code is typically employed for money transfers. The IFSC is an 11-digit alpha-numeric code that is unique. It aids in the identification of payments and their origins. It also simplifies the verification and monitoring of interbank payments.

Money transfers via NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS, as well as many other digital payments, require an IFSC code. The Reserve Bank of India also uses this code to communicate. It aids with the oversight of transactions to assure that they are completed on time and in a secure manner.

Another critical code that banks use to speed up the processing and verification of check payments is the MICR code. It's always visible on the check leaf. To learn more about these codes, their roles, and how to obtain them, see our comprehensive guide.

Gujarat State Cooperative Bank (GSC) IFSC Code


If you want to make electronic cash transactions, the IFSC code is crucial. Since the RBI and your bank utilize it to monitor and trace transactions, it's also vital for payment security. Apart from that, knowing where the money originates from and where it goes is significant.

The IFSC code is in the form CDEF0123456 and has a specified layout. For example, The Gujarat State Cooperative Bank's Head Office, Ahmedabad IFSC Code is GSCB0000001. There are three portions to this code:

  • The first four numbers (GSCB) represent your bank.
  • The fifth digit, (0), is always a zero.
  • The final six numbers give the branch code (000001).

Gujarat State Cooperative Bank (GSC) MICR Code

The MICR code is also a unique credential. The bank uses MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology to produce these codes. It helps with the identification, processing, and approval of cheques.

The MICR code is nine characters long and has a layout like 123456789. The Gandhinagar branch of Gujarat State Cooperative Bank has a nine-digit MICR code of 380124009. The first three digits (380) represent the city code corresponding to the PIN code. 

The bank code is the following three digits (124), and the branch code is the last three digits (009). The MICR code for Gujarat State Cooperative Bank is present at the bottom of the check leaf, next to the check number.

How to Find the IFSC Code, MICR Code & Swift Code of the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank?


You'll need the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank IFSC code and MICR code to make any payment. Before starting the transaction, make sure you have all of your data. You can retrieve these important codes in a number of ways. Here are several options for obtaining them:

Find Your Bank

Find Your Bank is a website that provides a series of banking-related services. It is one of the most efficient methods for obtaining your bank credentials. To obtain the IFSC and MICR code, go to their website and provide the following information:

  • Name of the bank
  • State
  • District
  • Branch
  • Click 'Enter'

The required codes will appear once you input all this information and hit enter. Find My Bank also provides a convenient mobile app that you may access from any location. This smartphone application allows you to quickly find codes with just a few touches.

Documents of the Bank

On bank documents, your details are always available quite easily. You can locate the IFSC and MICR codes on the bank passbook or any cheque leaf. When you look at the first page of your bank passbook or cheque book, you will find these codes. 


The Reserve Bank of India's official website lists the IFSC and MICR codes for Gujarat State Cooperative Bank. This is because it has an inventory of all the codes of the bank branches located in India.

Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

To obtain these codes, login to the bank's net banking or mobile banking platform using your credentials. After login in, look through the many choices to find the code you want. You will be easily able to obtain the IFSC or MICR code.

Contact the Bank

Don't worry if none of the methods listed above work. Simply contact the customer service department of your chosen bank office. They will walk you through the necessary steps to find information like the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank IFSC Code.

How to Transfer Money through NEFT, RTGS & IMPS?


Users prefer electronic financial transfer techniques like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS to offline banking in this digital age since they are more convenient and quicker. With just a little information, you can use those to carry out transactions from anywhere you want to.

To complete these transfers, you will need the following credentials in addition to the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank IFSC code:

  • The amount of transaction
  • Beneficiary's bank name
  • Beneficiary's name
  • Account number of the remitter
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary's branch IFSC code
  • Sender to receiver information, if applicable

When making any payment using electronic transaction platforms, these credentials will always come in handy.

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)

The honorable Reserve Bank of India introduced the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) system, one of the most popular means for fast transferring payments. It operates in batch settlements and on the DNS or the Deferred Net Settling system.

The details of the NEFT service provided by Gujarat State Cooperative Bank are mentioned ahead:

Timings Available at all times
Charges Applicable No charges
Settlement Half-hourly batches
Maximum and Minimum limits 5 lakh/day

GST applicable.

You need to use net banking or mobile banking services to make NEFT payments. Log in to the appropriate platform first, then pick the NEFT option. After that, input the essential information to add your beneficiary. 

Make sure you skim through the terms and conditions with due care before completing the NEFT transaction.


Another electronic transaction method is RTGS, or Real-Time Gross Settlement, which uses real-time settlement. The term "real-time" refers to transactions performed only at the moment of receipt and run on an individual or gross system. 

Since RTGS payments are non-reversible, it is typically preferred for more significant amounts.

Timings Bank working hours
Charges Applicable No charges
Settlement Real-time
Minimum and Maximum Limit
  • The minimum limit is Rs. 2 lakhs
  • Maximum is ten lakhs

GST applicable.

Log in to your online or mobile banking account to send money using the RTGS service. Then you must choose the RTGS fund transfer option and enter the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank IFSC code as well as the other credentials which are mandatory. 

Always check the information you enter and read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the transfer.

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

IMPS is an instant or instantaneous electronic fund transfer system that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. When it comes to money transfer procedures, it is a common pick because the settlement is fast, and the approach is relatively easier.

You can utilize Gujarat State Cooperative Bank's online or mobile banking interface to use the IMPS service. To perform an IMPS transaction successfully, you'll need:

  • MMID or Mobile Money Identifier code 
  • MMID code of the beneficiary
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • Your mobile number 
  • The AADHAR card number of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary's branch IFSC code
Timings Available all times
Settlement Instant
Charges No charges
Minimum limit Rs. 10
Maximum limit Rs. 2 Lakhs

GST applicable.

Log in to the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank's mobile application with your credentials to access the IMPS service. Then, select IMPS from the various bank transfer options and provide the relevant information as necessary. 

During the transaction, you will receive a passcode that you must enter to finalize the transaction.

An affirmation text message with the transaction number will be issued to your mobile number once you verify the payment using the password. This indicates that your transaction is successful. 

You may keep track of the transaction using the transaction number issued to you. It will also assist you in the event of any difficulty. To receive money via one of the above online transaction methods, you must give the remitter your necessary bank account and branch information.

About the Gujarat State Cooperative Bank (GSC)


Gujarat State Cooperative Bank came into force in 1960 and is governed by the Gujarat Cooperative Societies Act of 1961. GSC Bank has been meeting the needs of farmers across the state of Gujarat since its inception. 

The bank has been in retail banking since 2013 and is continually increasing its outreach to serve more and more customers. It is a Scheduled Bank with a Head Office in Ahmedabad and the necessary banking license. 

GSC Bank is a forerunner in developing several new goods and services. Their staff aims for excellence by focusing on the customer, being open to change, and using cutting-edge banking technology.

The bank seeks to build a healthy, robust, and thriving cooperative credit system in Gujarat, one that is based on cutting-edge technology and digitalization and offers innovative and cost-effective financial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many Cooperative Banks are there in Gujarat?

Currently, there are over 530 Cooperative bank branches in Gujarat.

2) What is the Function of Coop Bank?

Cooperative banks assist people with little financial resources and safeguard them from the clutches of lending institutions that give loans and other products at a higher rate. It is responsible for overseeing and guiding connected societies.

3) What is GSC in Banking?

GSC stands for Gujarat State Cooperative Bank, which is among the top financial institutions in the state of Gujarat.

4) How to Contact Gujarat State Cooperative Bank?

You can reach out to GSC bank with the customer care number 079-27459000 or through their email [email protected]. They are always ready for assistance. You can also approach the bank in person.

5) What is MMID, Exactly?

MMIC is an abbreviation for Mobile Money Identifier Code. It is a seven-digit number that banks give to customers who sign up for Mobile Banking at a bank branch. You'll need an MMID code to use the IMPS service for transactions. It is essential to complete IMPS transactions.