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Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank is a well-known financial institution in India. This bank has 41 branches, operating in multiple cities of Uttarakhand and select cities of Uttar Pradesh. You can send money from one branch to another using the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank IFSC Code. 

It's not just the bank's branches that are connected to each other using this code. The bank itself is linked to other Indian banks for fund transfers through this code. But what will you do if you want to send funds by cheque due to the absence of wire transfer facilities? You'll need the MICR code. 

These codes are necessary to ensure that the money you send to an account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank is safe, correct, and within time. But how will you find these details - and how will you use them? Today, we'll find out all about Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank. 

Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank IFSC Code


With 41 branches in different parts of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank has 41 different IFSCs. But what exactly is IFSC? The first thing you need to know about this code is that it stands for Indian Financial System Code. 

The IFSC is an essential tool for online fund transfers via NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS modes. The Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, is responsible for assigning a unique IFSC to each branch of a branch. That means every branch of every bank operating in India is singular. 

This is true for Kurmanchal Bank, as well. But what is the use of these codes? Because the code for each branch is different, the IFSC helps identify and separate one branch from another. This is an alphanumeric code that contains 11 digits. These can be divided into three parts. 

The first four places of the IFSC are filled with the alphabet. Together, these four digits represent the bank code. For all the branches of a single bank, this part of the code is common. The bank code will only change when the IFSC is that of a different bank altogether. 

The 5th position is filled by a 0. This is a reserved character in the entire code. The final six places in the code are filled with numbers. These last spots together give you the branch code, which is different for each branch, even in the same bank. Let's analyze some examples. 

The Kurmanchal Bank Mallital Branch in Nainital IFSC Code is KNSB0010005, while that of the Chowk Bazar branch in Almora is KNSB0010003. If you compare the two, you'll notice that the first four digits are the same in both codes, i.e., KNSB. It is the code for Kurmanchal Bank. 

The next spot is followed by the reserved character 0 in both codes. Now, the Mallital branch's code is 010005, while the code of the Chowk Bazar branch is 010003. Thus, the codes for two different locations differ and set one IFSC apart from another. 

All accounts in the same branch of the Kurmanchal Bank will always be the same. When funds are transferred to a specific branch from another or from a different bank altogether, this IFSC will help locate the branch. Using the wrong IFSC may delay the fund transfer process. 

Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank MICR Code

You now know the significance of the IFSC code in money transfer operations. But what will you do if you cannot access net banking for some reason and still wish to transfer money from an account at the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank? You'll need to issue a cheque. 

That's where the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank MICR Code comes into play. The full form of the MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This code is found printed on the cheque book and is used to speed up the process of cheque clearance. 

Just like the different branches of other banks in India, each branch of the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank has a different MICR code used by the recipient bank to track the Kurmanchal Bank account. This code has nine digits, just like all banks operating in India.   

Let's consider two examples and compare the two. The MICR code of the Haridwar branch is 249846002. On the other hand, the MICR code of the Halwani code in Nainital is 263846003. It is read using a magnetic reader. It makes the job of sorting and processing cheques much faster and more efficient. 

How to Find the IFSC Code, MICR Code & Swift Code of the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank?


You can understand now that the IFSC and the MICR code of the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank branches are essential if you want to perform any fund transfer operation. Using the wrong code can hinder the fund transfer process. Here's how you can find them. 

Find Your Bank

One of the most popular and reliable ways to find the IFSC and the MICR code of any account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank is the platform named Find Your Bank. It offers a website and a smartphone app for this purpose. Here's how you can find the codes in a few simple steps - 

  • Visit the official Find Your Bank website. Or, you can install its Mobile App on the phone. 
  • Enter required data regarding the account, like account number, branch name, location, etc., when prompted.

When you follow these two simple steps, the platform will generate the codes you need instantly. Find Your Banks is trusted and used by people across the country to find IFSC, MICR, and SWIFT codes of banks operating in the country. But there are other ways to find these codes - as follows:

To find the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank IFSC code, refer to the bank's official information sources, as mentioned below:


Anyone who holds an account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank has a passbook that is similar to the passbooks issued by all other banks. Its first page has all the information associated with the account, its bank, and its branch. This includes the IFSC. 

Cheque Book

If you look at the leaves of the chequebook issued by Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank, you'll find the IFSC code printed at the top. You'll find it on the cheque leaf along with other information. This makes the chequebook similar to that of other Indian banks.   


One of the easiest ways to find the IFSC code of any branch at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank is by visiting the bank's net banking platform. The bank website has a dedicated page where the IFSC codes of all the branches of this bank are listed.   

Customer Care

Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank has a helpful customer care team to help people. You can contact them over call, write to them, or walk to the nearest branch of the bank. The customer care executives will surely help you by providing you with the IFSC you want.

For almost all Indian banks, a reliable place to find the IFSC is the official site of the RBI since this is the organization that assigns the IFSC codes to banks. However, the codes of the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank accounts are not available on the RBI website

How to Find Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank MICR Code?

It is just as easy to find the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank MICR code as it is to find the IFSC code using some of the bank's official sources of information. You can refer to the following sources to find the MICR code of a Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank MICR account - 

  • Cheque leaf bottom
  • Passbook
  • Bank customer care

You may not be able to find the database of the MICR codes of different branches of the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank on the official website. Plus, the details are not available on the RBI site either. So the sources mentioned above are your only databases. 

It is essential to know that Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank does not have a SWIFT code. A SWIFT code is used when you want to transfer funds to an Indian bank from an international bank. However, the SWIFT code is not assigned to all banks in India. 

In order to have a SWIFT code, a bank needs to be a part of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) system. Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank is not a member. So the bank doesn't have a code for international fund transfers.     

How to Transfer Money through NEFT, RTGS & IMPS?


With the implementation of the concept of "Digital India," transferring funds online has become popular. You can do the same for There are three modes of online fund transfer - NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS. All of them need you to use the bank account's IFSC code.     

National Electronic Fund Transfer - NEFT 

  • It does not have an upper or lower limit for transactions.
  • Settlements take place in batches round the clock. 

Real-Time Gross Settlement - RTGS

  • It is for immediate transactions above ₹2,00,000.
  • It offers 24x7 real-time settlement.

Immediate Payment Service - IMPS

  • It is for transactions lower than ₹2,00,000.
  • It provides 24x7 real-time settlement.

If you have an account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank, you will need to pay certain charges to make an outgoing NEFT or RTGS transaction to another account to any bank account. In addition to the charges, you'll have to pay an additional 18% as GST.   

Mode Amount Charge (+ 18% GST)
NEFT Up to ₹10,000 ₹5
  ₹10000 - ₹1,00,000 ₹10
  ₹1,00,000 - ₹2,00,000 ₹15
RTGS ₹2,00,000 - ₹5,00,000 ₹25
  Above ₹5,00,000 ₹45


If you want to transfer funds to a Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank account, you can use one of the above modes, i.e., NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS. You can do so from your bank's official website or by using the banking app, which you can install on your smartphone. 

This is possible to do from any bank in India. You don't need an account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank for this. To complete the process, you'll need to add the details of the receiving account as a "beneficiary" to your net banking account with all necessary information. 

You'll need the beneficiary's name, account number, branch, IFSC code, etc. Once you complete the process of adding a new beneficiary, you'll be able to make the transfer within 30-48 minutes. Or, for a fast and one-time payment process, you can choose a "quick pay" option.    

To make a bank-to-bank fund transfer, you will need an account at a bank first. For that, you must provide KYC documents. These may include your identity proofs like passport, voter's ID card, PAN card, and Aadhar card to maintain clarity in the banking process.    

About the Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank Ltd


Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank was established 25 years ago by Sri Madan Lal Sah. It is a pathfinder as one of India's urban cooperative banks. It operates primarily in Uttarakhand and also has branches in Uttar Pradesh. It is headquartered in Tallital in Nainital.   

The bank's board of directors has 13 directors who are experienced experts in the departments of audit, loan, investment, infrastructure, and staff. The bank makes active efforts to ensure the operations of the bank are in the hands of qualified professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the Eligibility Criteria for opening a Bank account at Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank?

If you want to open an account as an individual at the KNS bank, you need to be a resident Indian, an NRI, or a HUF. You can also have a business account here for any profit-making establishment or NGO. You must have the necessary KYC documents.   

2) What is the Kurmanchal Bank Balance Inquiry Number?

The customer care number of Kurmanchal Bank is (05942) 236574 and 231525. The toll-free numbers can help you get your queries solved regarding operations, balance, etc. Apart from that, every branch has a different contact number listed on the site.    

3) Where is the Head Office of Kurmanchal Bank?

Kurmanchal Nagar Sahkari Bank primarily operates in Uttarakhand. It has its Head Office in Kurmanchal Bhawan in Tallital, located in the beautiful city of Nainital. The operations and decision-making of all the branches of the bank take place in the HO.