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Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

Net banking has been a boon for the Indian banking industry and facilitates conducting all works online. It has now become easy to transfer funds online with the help of the IFSC code. Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code enables the online financial transaction to the same or another bank account.

IFSC code is a mandatory code for carrying online, secure, and error-free funds transfer. It is a unique code that prevents fraud by identifying the bank branch participating in the transaction and facilitating more accessible communication between the parties.

MICR code enables quick and safe processing of cheques by the banks. It authenticates the banking documents for reliable and fast cheque-based transactions.

The article highlights details of the banking codes, their uses, and various modes of online transfers, including NEFT, IMPS, RTGS.

Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code


IFSC is a unique code that the RBI assigns for identifying the branches that participate in online banking. Two branches can never have a similar IFSC code. Indian Financial System Code is an 11-character alphanumeric code that enables paperless funds to transfer through NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS.

The first four letters symbolize the bank's name, and the last 6 are the bank branch code. The 5th character is a universal zero. Utkal Grameen Bank Bolangir Branch,Orissa,IFSC code is SBIN0RRUKGB. The code has a different format as SBI sponsors the Utkal Gramin bank.

IFSC is critical in error-free, secure, and reliable wire transfer. The sender must give the Beneficiary's IFSC details for transferring cash online. It is recommended to give the correct IFSC code of the Beneficiary's branch before initiating a transfer to avoid any risk.

Utkal Grameen Bank MICR Code

MICR uses the Magnetic Ink Character Technology for reading the code printed on cheques. MICR validates the cheques during ECS or Electronic Clearing System and facilitates quick processing. The code is required for filling up financial transaction forms like SIP or investment forms.

MICR is also different for each branch in a similar way to Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code. RBI assigns the MICR code to each branch to avoid discrepancies during cheque settlements. The code has nine digits divided into three sets each. The first three digits signify the city code, the next three digits are the bank code, and the last three digits denote the bank branch.

Unlike IFSC code, all banks do not have a MICR code. Regional Rural Banks do not have MICR codes like the Utkal Grameen bank. It is a non-MICR bank that clears cheques based on the traditional method. It takes more time for processing and transactions.

How to find IFSC Code & MICR Code of Utkal Grameen Bank?


You need to provide the correct Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code to carry the online transaction smoothly. The era of cashless and digital money transfers demands you to know the correct IFSC and MICR codes of the bank branch and Beneficiary.

There are multiple ways to find the correct IFSC and MICR codes online and offline. Let us look at the best reliable sources to locate the Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code.

Online Search Tools

One of the best online search tools to find the MICR and IFSC codes is Find Your Bank. It is a safe and reliable site for finding the codes of multiple banks. Complete the below steps to get the relevant codes.

Visit the home page  https://findyourbank.in/.

  • The website's home page has a small form. Fill out the form using the drop-down options.
  • Select the bank name. Here it is Utkal Grameen Bank.
  • As the page reloads, select the state. The bank is situated in Orissa.
  • Select the state and the branch you have to get the IFSC code.
  • As you complete filling in the details, you get the IFSC code. You can apply the code and use it for online transactions.

Find Your Bank also has a mobile app facility. You can download the app from your Android Play store. It is a free service that you can use anywhere with an internet connection to find the IFSC code of any bank in the country.

Find Your Bank is a simple website to operate to find the correct IFSC and MICR codes. However, there are other websites as well to get the codes.


You will get the specific bank's IFSC and MICR codes from the cheque book that the branch issues. IFSC code is at the cheque's top, while you can find MICR at the cheque's bottom next to the cheque number.

Bank Passbook

Every account holder has a passbook for keeping track of the transactions in the bank account. Your passbook contains information like the account holder's name, account number, bank branch, and contact details. You will find the bank's IFSC code on the front page.

RBI website

RBI is the chief bank that provides the IFSC and MICR codes to all the banks and supervises them. The bank has an official website https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/IFSCMICRDetails.aspx from where you can access the Utkal Grameen Bank IFSC Code and MICR code. You can also get the codes of all other banks in India from the site.

Net Banking

Each bank's official website provides the IFSC and MICR codes to add convenience to the customers. The Utkal Grameen Bank mentions the code of each branch on its website.

How to Transfer Money through NEFT, RTGS & IMPS?


Online funds transfers are common as they are quick, simple, and reliable. You only need a few essential details for using online banking and conducting a wire transfer from one branch to another or another bank.

NEFT and RTGS are the two most common methods for online funds transfer. IMPS is another good option, along with the bank's mobile app.


NEFT is one of India's most used methods for online money transfer. You can send money through National Electronic Funds Transfer by either logging into your online banking account or visiting the branch. NEFT transactions are based on Deferred Net Settlement, where transfers occur in batches every two hours.

Utkal Grameen bank does not have a minimum or maximum limit for the amount you can transfer through NEFT. However, the bank levies some charges for online transfers. For transfer up to Rs 1 lakh, it charges Rs 5 plus service tax.

It charges Rs 15 for transfers above Rs 1 lakh -Rs 2 lakhs. The bank levies Rs 25 for transactions above Rs 2 lakhs.

You need the following information for using NEFT-

  • Your account number
  • Beneficiary's name, account number, and IFSC code
  • Amount to transfer


RTGS is a quick, robust, and continuous funds transfer method in real-time. The Real-Time Gross Settlement is an instant mode that banks and financial institutions use for immediate transactions.

RTGS is suitable to transfer money above Rs 2 lakhs. You will need similar information as NEFT payments for RTGS.


IMPS carries online funds transfer between people and accounts. It is a quick method that you can access on Sundays and public holidays. Immediate Payment Service is an easily accessible method that enables you to use mobile phones to transfer money and access bank accounts.

You will need the below details for IMPS transfer –

  • Your mobile number
  • Beneficiary's MMID number (mobile money identifier) for P2P
  • Beneficiary's IFSC code and account number
  • Amount to transfer

You need to apply for MMID from your bank branch to carry person-to-person or P2P transactions.

About Utkal Grameen Bank


Utkal Grameen Bank is an RRB or Regional Rural bank that started its operations on 1st November 2012 with head office in Bolangir, Orissa. It was formed after the merger of Utkal Gramya bank and Rushikulya Gramya bank. State Bank of India sponsors the Utkal Grameen bank while the Indian Government, Government Orissa, and SBI own it jointly.

The bank operates in 17 Southern and Western Orissa districts with 450 branches. The Utkal Grameen bank offers a range of services, including accounting, loan, deposit, insurance, agricultural, and internet banking. The bank has grown considerably since its formation. In 2015, the bank got the first ranking of all banks in Orissa on financial inclusion parameters and got a 75 out of 100.


1) How can I check my account balance in Utkal Grameen Bank?

You can check your account balance from offline and online modes. Dial the toll-free number 06652232285 from the mobile number you have registered with the Utkal Grameen bank and verify your account balance.

You can call the bank's customer care executive and request your account balance. The bank will send you an SMS within a few minutes having the account details. The service is accessible 24*7 for free, and you can operate it from any place.

If you have an online banking account with the Utkal Grameen bank, you can check your balance anytime by logging into your account.

2) How can I send money from the Utkal Grameen bank account?

You can transfer money to the Utkal Grameen bank account online and offline. Visit the bank branch to transfer money offline with a cheque. Enter correct details like account number and amount. Deposit the cheque at the branch, and the bank will transfer the money.

You can log in to your Utkal Grameen bank account to transfer money online. Select the Funds Transfer option. Next, enter valid details like beneficiary account number, IFSC code, amount to be transferred. The transaction will take place.

3) How many UGB are there in Odisha?

At present, there are 450 UGB branches in 17 districts of Orissa.

4) How can I register my mobile number with Utkal Grameen bank?

Follow the below steps for registering mobile number with the bank-

  • Visit the bank's home branch for mobile number registration.
  • Provide your ID proof.
  • Get a service request form.
  • Fill out the form and submit it after attaching mandatory documents.
  • The bank will process your request.