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Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

Indian Financial System Code or the IFSC code was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India to extend seamless online fund transfers. The Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code was also allotted by the Reserve Bank of India like all other banks.

As opposed to the IFSC code, the MICR code is a magnetic ink character recognition code. It helps in the faster processing of cheques. 

Unlike the IFSC code, which is primarily used for online fund transactions, the MICR code is used for paper-based documents like cheques. Both these codes play a vital role in today's time to ease out the fund transfer methods a lot. 

In this article, you'll learn about the Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code and MICR code. We will also mention various sources of finding the Saptagiri bank's IFSC and MICR codes. So keep reading to find all the required information.

Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC Code

Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code follows the standard IFSC code structure. It is an eleven-character code comprising both letters and numbers. The initial four letters of the IFSC code stands for the bank's name, the fifth character is zero, and it is the control element. The final six characters correspond to the branch of the bank. 


For example, The Saptagiri Grameena bank's Chittoor branch ifsc code is IDIB0SGB001. In the IFSC code, the first four letters stand for the Saptagiri Grameena Bank, the fifth character is zero, and the final six characters represent the Chittoor branch. 

The IFSC code is required during any online fund transfer made via NEFT or RTGS. If you fail to insert the IFSC code, you won't be able to initiate the fund transfer. Also, make sure you know the correct IFSC code of your branch or the receiver's branch you are transferring to avoid any discrepancies.

How to Find the IFSC and MICR Code of Saptagiri Grameena Bank?


One of the easiest ways to find the Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code and MICR code is through the website. Follow these steps to find the respective codes-

  • Visit the website
  • Now, select the bank name, state, district, and branch names.
  • After selecting all these tabs, the IFSC and MICR codes will appear. 
  • Find your bank also comes with their mobile app, which makes finding the IFSC and MICR codes easier.

A few other sources to find these codes easily are mentioned below- 

Cheque Book and Passbook

You'll find the Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code and MICR code in the bank cheque book and passbook. The IFSC code is usually printed at the top of these books, and the MICR code is printed at the bottom. 

Reserve Bank of India website

The Reserve Bank of India is another reliable source to find the IFSC codes of all the banks. Therefore, you can easily find the IFSC codes of Saptagiri Grameena bank on the RBI website. 

Official Bank's website

The Saptagiri Grameena bank's mobile app and its official website will provide you with the IFSC code of each branch. 

Call Customer Care 

If you still face issues in finding the IFSC and MICR codes using the above-mentioned methods, you can contact the bank's customer care service. 

How to Transfer Money Through the NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS Process of Saptagiri Grameena Bank? 

NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS- these three online payment modes have become quite popular as now you don't have to stand in long, tedious bank queues, and these methods process faster. Let's learn more about these payment procedures of Saptagiri Grameena bank and about their transaction limits as well as charges. 



To send money via NEFT, you will need the following details- 

  • Receiver's name
  • Receiver's account number
  • IFSC code
  • Beneficiary bank name
  • Branch name 
  • Amount to be transferred 


RTGS transfer mode is used for making huge money transactions. You will need similar details like NEFT to send money via the RTGS method. 


IMPS is used for immediate fund transfers. The details needed for making IMPS fund transfer are-

  • Receiver's name
  • Mobile number
  • Receiver Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) code. 
  • Account number 
  • Beneficiary's account number and IFSC code.

About Saptagiri Grameena Bank


Saptagiri Grameena Bank was formed by combining both the Sri Venkateswara bank and Kanakadurga bank in 2007. It is a regional bank, and the bank has its headquarters in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Currently, the Saptagiri Grameena Bank has 208 branches in Krishna and Chittoor district, out of which 128 branches are opened in rural areas alone. 


1) Is Saptagiri Bank Government or Private? 

Saptagiri Grameena Bank is jointly owned by the government of Andhra Pradesh and the Indian Bank, which is the sponsor bank. 

2) How Can I Check My Account Balance in Saptagiri Grameena Bank?

You can check your Saptagiri Grameena Bank account balance by giving a missed call on 0852233589.

3) How Can I Send Money to Saptagiri Grameena Bank?

You can send money to Saptagiri Grameena Bank via NEFT or RTGS. 

4) Where Can I Find the Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code?

You can check the Saptagiri Grameena Bank IFSC code on the find your bank website and mobile app easily. 

5) How Many Branches of Saptagiri Grameena Bank are Currently Operating in India?

Currently, there are 208 branches of Saptagiri Grameena Bank operating in Chittoor and Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.