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Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code and SWIFT Code

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is a unique eleven-character alpha-numeric code. The IFSC codes are given by the Reserve Bank of India, and it ensures safe online transactions. The Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC code is also allotted by the RBI and serves the same purpose.

The introduction of the IFSC code has made online fund transfer a seamless experience. Now you no longer have to stand in long bank queues to send money. MICR code also is crucial for instant fund transfers. It is mainly required during check clearance.

This blog will let you know in detail about both the IFSC and MICR codes, how they, and when you need them. Therefore, keep reading to know everything along with other necessary details.

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC Code

Before reading about the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC code, you should have brief background information about the bank. Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank (UBGB) is a regional bank of Bihar, and it is sponsored by the Central Bank of India.


Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank was created, combining both Kosi Kshetriya Gramin Bank and Uttar Bihar Kshetriya Gaming bank.

The Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC code is an eleven-digit code combining both numbers and letters. As the bank was sponsored by the Central Bank of India, hence the IFSC code follows the CBI format.

The first four letters in the IFSC code are CBIN, the fifth code is zero, and the remaining characters stand for the branch. You will need the IFSC code while making any fund transfers via NEFT or RTGS.

The IFSC code helps in locating any branch of the bank and helps in seamless fund transfers. The Uttar Bihar Gramin bank Muzaffarpur branch IFSC code is CBIN0R10001. The branch code here is R10001.

How to find the IFSC and MICR Codes of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank


You can easily find the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank IFSC code through the https://findyourbank.in/ website. Follow these steps to find the IFSC code- 

  • Go to https://findyourbank.in/ website.
  • Select bank name 
  • Select state and district 
  • Select branch name
  • After clicking on all these tabs, you will find the Uttar Bihar bank IFSC code of any branch. 

Find your bank has its own mobile app as well. Finding the IFSC code in the mobile app is even easier.

Apart from the find your bank website, there are other means to find the IFSC code. Let’s talk about them one by one-

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Pass Book and Cheque book

The IFSC code is easily available in the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank passbook, and cheque book leaves. You will most likely find it either on the top or middle of the page.

Reserve Bank of India Website

The Reserve Bank of India is a reliable source to find the IFSC codes of any bank, and the same goes for Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank. Go to the RBI official website and look for IFSC code Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank branches.

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank Digital Platforms

Bank’s digital platforms are another source to find the IFSC code. You can check the codes either on the Uttar Bihar bank’s website or mobile app.

How to transfer funds using IFSC, MICR codes of Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank?


NEFT, RTGS, and UPI transfer methods have gained nationwide popularity in recent times. The fast, safe, and easy transfers have made sending and receiving money quite easier. Let’s learn about each of these processes-


To send money via NEFT, you will need-

  • Beneficiary name and account number 
  • Beneficiary IFSC code
  • Beneficiary mobile number 
  • Write the amount you are transferring and confirm

The timings and charges for NEFT fund transfer are mentioned below-

Amount Charges Timings
Upto Rs. 10,000 Rs. 2.5 per transaction + GST -
Rs. 10,000 to Upto Rs. 1 lakh Rs. 5 per transaction + GST Available 24*7/ 365 days
Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh Rs. 15 per transaction + GST -
Above Rs. 2 lakh Rs. 25 per transaction + GST -



About Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank

Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank was established, combining Uttar Bihar Kshetriya Bank and Kosi Kshetriya Gramin Bank into a regional bank by the Central Bank of India in 2008. The bank currently has 1032 branches and 14 regional offices in 14 districts of North Bihar. At the moment, UBGB bank has over one crore customers.


Any individual who falls under the below-mentioned categories can open a savings account in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank- 

  • Any individual 
  • Any minor jointly with an adult 
  • Minor above the age of 12 and able to read and write and operate the account 
  • Hindu undivided family 
  • Educational and charitable institutions 
  • Illiterate and blind persons 
  • Organizations and agencies who have permission to open savings accounts

Documents needed to open a savings account-

  • Identity and address proof (passport, voter id, AADHAR card, utility bills, etc.)
  • Two passport size photograph 
  • PAN or Form 60/61

UBGB bank provides 4% interest rates on a daily product basis. It is payable quarterly.


1) How can I check my account balance in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank?

You can check your Uttar Bihar Gramin bank account balance by giving a missed call at 9223008811 from your registered mobile number.

2) How can I find my UTGB branch IFSC code?

You can easily find the UTGB IFSC code of any branch on the https://findyourbank.in/ website or bank passbook, chequebook and RBI website.

3) Can a minor open a savings account at Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank?

Yes, a minor can open a savings account jointly with an adult in UBGB bank. A minor above 12 years of age and who can read and write can have an independent savings account.